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Alpha Five Web Application Hosting FAQss

Do I have to purchase the Alpha Web Application Server to host my application at your data center?
If you are hosting on one of our shared servers, you will not need the Alpha Web Application Server license. However, you are required to have an Alpha Five license.

If you are hosting on one of our dedicated servers, you will be required to have an Alpha Web Application Server license.

I am a consultant and I plan to build web applications for several of my customers. Does this mean I will have to have a separate license for each customer?
No, if you are hosting on one of our shared servers. If you have a dedicated server for each customer, then you will be required to have an Alpha Five Web Application Server license for each server.

Do you update the Web Application Server with the latest service packs?
Yes, we will install the latest service packs as they become available. Note, on shared servers we will schedule the updates a week in advance to provide you with notice of install.*

Dedicated managed server updates will be scheduled at the convenience of the customer.*

*Hot Patches will be applied as soon possible.

If I need to stop and restart the Web Application Server, how is this handled?
If you have a dedicated server, you will have full control of the server and can restart the server yourself or if necessary reboot the server.

If you have a shared server, you will need to contact the help desk and request a restart. In most cases we can restart the server within 45 minutes. If your application requires a reboot of the server, you will have to wait for a reboot off hours (assuming the whole server is not hung).

How will I set-up the Web Application Server?
If you have an unmanaged server, you will be responsible for setting you application. For managed servers and shared servers, Firm supports will set-up your application and provide the initial configuration. On shared servers, there will be an additional set-up fee.

Do you back-up the application?
Yes, depending on the service level you require and agree to, we will back-up your server. For an additional fee we will provide you with a DVD copy of the back-up.

I need assistance completing my web application; do you provide programming services for the Web Application Server?
Yes, we are experienced Internet Application developers. We will assist you in building your application.

How much does it cost to host an Alpha Five Web Application?
We are finalizing the hosting fees and they should be available shortly.

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Firm Support Software has been building Alpha Software business solutions since 1993. Firm Support Software founder John Bowen started his consulting career building applications in Alpha Four Ver 2.1, progressed through the various versions of the DOS product. When Alpha Software's Windows version, Alpha Five was introduced, John co-authored a book to assist users in migrating from Alpha Four (A4) to Alpha Five (A5).

John was also a frequent contributor to the Alpha Forum and eventually Firm Support purchased the monthly newsletter publication from Sherry and Jay Martin. Under the ownership of Firm Support Software, Alpha Forum was converted to an online newsletter and continued to serve the Alpha Software developer and user community form several years.

Over the years, Firm Support Software has built multiple database applications for many customers including Avon Products IT department, Rand McNally Maps and many others. Our experience in developing Alpha Software solutions will make Firm Support Software the perfect partner for your application development.